Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sarah Fairchild - installation shots

Sarah Fairchild's show is installed and I have taken a few photographs. The work is challenging to reproduce with the detailed drawing and the florescent colors. We will have professional shots soon, until then - enjoy!

Sarah Fairchild
Honey Bee, 2011
Acrylic and flocking on paper
26 x 40 inches

Sarah Fairchild
Cabbage, 2011
Acrylic and flocking on paper
38 x 52 inches

detail of Cabbage

Sarah Fairchild
Brussel Sprouts, October, 2011
Acrylic on paper
72 x 52 inches

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sarah Fairchild - The Garden

Sarah Fairchild

In her works on paper Sarah Fairchild depicts the natural world in a sharply defined, graphic style. The works are reminiscent of the famous wallpaper designs by Pre-Raphaelite artists such as William Morris, while being simultaneously infused with an unmistakably contemporary aesthetic. Employing both acrylic and flocking on paper, her works involve a complex dialogue between past and present, depth and flatness, design and painting, reality and fantasy. Meticulously interweaving flocking and acrylic paint, the works infuse common plant life with an otherworldly iridescent splendor. Brussel Sprouts, cabbage, beets, and crabgrass are transformed with nearly florescent pinks and blues, and daring use of perspective. The foreground often is occupied with plant life rendered in electric pink. These plants hover against swirling, dreamlike backgrounds that stand in contrast to the seemingly pedestrian subject matter. The works occupy depict and occupy the space between easily-defined categories. As common plants are reimagined with an explosive energy that seems to radiate from the paper like the birth of a microcosm, the works in both their construction and aesthetic lineage blur the lines between the common and uncommon.

Exhibition opens Friday, May 6, 2010, 6-8 pm

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kurt Lightner - Review by Christopher Yates

Exhibit Review | Rebecca Ibel Gallery: Paintings reflect on wrath of nature

Sunday, April 17, 2011 03:15 AM

By Christopher A. Yates

For the Columbus Dispatch

An untitled painting by Kurt Lightner

An exploration of the temporal is the focus of the penultimate exhibition at the Rebecca Ibel Gallery.

In June, after 18 years of operation, Ibel will close her Short North gallery; she recently closed her other gallery space, in the Miranova building Downtown.

Ibel will become curator and director of the Pizzuti Collection. The private collection of businessman Ron Pizzuti will be housed in exhibition space to be developed at 632 Park St.

Fittingly, the next-to-last show in the Ibel gallery focuses on change. (She plans to showcase the works of Sarah Fairchild for the gallery's last exhibit.)

The works of Kurt Lightner, an Ohio native living in New York, examine the ephemeral nature of the rural environment. In previous works, Lightner has called attention to the demise of the family farm and the consequences of urban sprawl.

In his latest body of work, he focuses on debris. At first, the paintings seem to be simple, well-composed abstractions. Only later does one see bits of window and door frames. Clearly, these are the remains of homes wrecked by a natural disaster.

Although the imagery is that of tornado damage in the Midwest, the works are all the more poignant as one considers the destruction of Hurricane Katrina and the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan.

In all of Lightner's untitled pieces, the compositions have a delicate, if not fragile, rhythm and movement. Single brushstrokes form fractured boards and walls. Stacked precariously, the destruction is strangely hypnotic. The works allow us to consider the fragility of life - and how the power of nature trumps the plans of humanity.

Cautionary but serene, Lightner's paintings function as warnings of the unexpected.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kurt Lightner - Installation shots / branch details

Kurt Lightner's carved branches

These three works are connected to the large tree project in progress. The branches come from a Box Elder tree cut down on his family farm in Troy Ohio. The carved words are passages from his great-great grandfather's diaries.

Wed. July 31, 1895
2011 Box Elder, 60"
"We finished hauling manure till noon and hauled in all 70 loads then I spread manuere and Charley began to plow in the field north of the house."

Tues.Nov. 6, 1900
2011 Box Elder 60"
"I cleaned out the hen house and hauled one load of stone and 5 of Gravel and the spring and to the stable doors and took off and packed my Bees."

Mon. Jan. 9 - Thurs. Jan. 12, 1899
2011 Box Elder 41"
Mon. Jan 9
"I hauled 2 loads of stone from John Bloughs"
Tues. Jan 10
"I hauled 2 loads of stone."
Wed. Jan 11
"I hauled 2 loads of stone."
Thurs. Jan 12
"I hauled 2 loads of stone."

Artists' Reviews

Check out these wonderful reviews:

Heimir Bjorgulfsson @ CTRL Gallery in Houston:
Praising his 'kind of eccentric interplay between natural and man-made worlds'.
Descirbed as ' As formally lovely as it is endearingly strange, Björgúlfsson's highly original work inspires a multitude of narratives.'

Dan McCleary
LA Times review of show @ Craig Krull

"Panel Discussion," a monumental new painting by Dan McCleary that is the centerpiece of his show at Craig Krull Gallery, takes its title two ways. The silent reverberation between them dazzles.
McCleary's detailed powers of observation are impressive but not flashy. A general simplification of form keeps the scene from distracting fussiness, so that a clarity of vision prevails.


Michael Reafsnyder
Art News review of show @ Ameringer McEnry Yohe

Reafsnyder's paintings and ceramics are praised for the 'lovely disorder of color' and 'sense of perpetual motion', as well as, his excess and feel good approach to abstraction. 'Arguably Gerhard Richter's spirit was being channeled - and challenged - as was Jackson Pollock's.'

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kurt Lightner - Opening Friday

Kurt Lightner

Paintings and Sculpture

Opening Reception: Friday, March 11, 6-8 pm

The Rebecca Ibel Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings and sculpture by Kurt Lightner. In these new works, Lightner concentrates his energetic compositional style and beautifully complex palate in smaller format paintings. Drawing on the natural surroundings experienced during his youth in Ohio, his new paintings explore, in an increasingly abstract vocabulary, the destructive force that nature has on man-made structures. In these small, vital paintings, dense brushstrokes intersect disjointedly, both creating structure and destroying it. Opaque brushstrokes bespeaking movement and destabilization are interspersed with luminous color. Lightner combines the disparate and sometimes oppositional in beautifully dynamic tension.

The sculptures have words, sentences carved directly on the branches. The origin of the branch is from a tree taken from the artist’s family property in Troy Ohio and the passages from his great-grandfather’s diary. The diary describes the mundane routine of a mid-west farmer, the seasons and life in a small community. These works are related to a larger, ongoing project involving a complete year’s diary carved onto the whole tree.

Originally from Ohio, Lightner received his BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design in 1993 and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2004. He has garnered considerable national attention in recent years, exhibiting in exhibitions in New York and across the country, including a solo show at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City. This is the artist’s first exhibition with the Rebecca Ibel Gallery.

For further information visit us at rebeccaibel.com or call 614-291-2555. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11 am – 5 pm and by appointment.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Paintings by Melissa Meyer

Melissa Meyer is now settled into her new studio on 39th Street and has been very productive! Here is a preview of a couple new pieces. Also look out for her work at the Armory Fair with Lennon Weinberg.

Melissa Meyer 2011 Oil on canvas 20 x 18"

Melissa Meyer RK Bridal 2011 Oil on canvas 18 x 20"

James Brown in the Paris Review

Check out James Brown's work in the Paris Review

The Paris Review

Arts & Culture

Auguri, Frederick Seidel!

February 18, 2011 | by The Paris Review

James Brown, Planet (Pink and Grey) VI, 2006, oil and pencil on linen.

Frederick Seidel has received some unusual tributes in recent years. Writing in n+1, Philip Connors credited Seidel’s poetry with giving him the courage to quit his job. Wyatt Mason made a passionate case for Seidel’s Poems 1959–2009 in The New York Times Magazine—not a publication known for its attention to verse. There's been a poem dedicated to Seidel in The New Yorker. The London Review of Books has likened him to a YouTube person in a bunny suit, while fellow Paris Review staffer Dan Chiasson compared Seidel’s effusions to a garden hose. In a nice way.

Now the artist James Brown has published a collection of works on paper, canvas, cardboard, and linen inspired by Seidel’s poem “Into the Emptiness.” The volume has come to our attention just in time to celebrate the seventy-fifth birthday, tomorrow, of our most youthful editor.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Paintings by Stephen Mueller

New in the studio of Stephen Mueller, too good not to share. Enjoy!

Kami 2011 Acrylic on canvas 36 x 57.5 inches

Olga 2010 Acrylic on canvas 28 x 28 inches

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Exhibition Schedule and Gallery News, Spring 2011

After 7 years of maintaining two gallery spaces, the Rebecca Ibel Gallery announces the closing of our downtown Columbus gallery at 2 Miranova Place. The gallery continues to present a program of exhibitions at 1055 North High Street in the Short North, Columbus' Arts District. Gallery hours are Tuesday - Saturday 11-5 and by appointment. For further information please contact the gallery at 614-291-2555.

For exhibition preview and artist news visit our gallery BLOG!



Spring 2011 Exhibition Schedule
Short North Gallery: 1055 North High Street, Columbus OH 43201 ~ 614-291-2555

Almond Zigmund Pink Pile, 2010 Acrylic on wood 66 X 36 X 36 inches

Kurt Lightner Untitled, 2010 Acrylic on panel 14 x 18 inches

Sarah Fairchild Garden Beets, 2011 Acrylic and flocking on paper 34 x 52 inches

through March 5, 2011

Almond Zigmund:
Sculpture and Works on Paper

For further information contact the gallery at 614-291-2555
visit our gallery website www.rebeccaibel.com
or visit the artist's website: www.almondzigmund.com

March 11 - April 30, 2011

Kurt Lightner:
Paintings and Sculpture

For further information contact the gallery at 614-291-2555
visit our gallery website www.rebeccaibel.com
or visit the artist's website: http://kurtlightner.net/

May 3 - June 4, 2011

Sarah Fairchild

Gallery Hours:
The Short North Gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday, 11-5 and by appointment.
Rebecca Ibel Gallery •1055 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43201 • 614.291.2555 • rebeccaibel.com

Wayne White one man stage performance

WAYNE WHITE: You're Supposed to Act All Impressed / Largo at the Coronet

One of the original performers on the Pee-wee's Playhouse show brings his live, one man stage performance to Largo At The Coronet

Tuesday February 15th, 2011
Doors Open at 7PM
Tickets: $20
For tickets visit www.largo-la.com

Don't miss famed LA artist, Wayne White, performing his one man stage show live at Largo at the Coronet. The show is a wildly entertaining celebration of Wayne's life filled with banjos, puppets, harmonica, hilarious stories and incredible images.

Throughout his career Wayne has made an indelible mark on pop culture while working on hit TV shows such as Pee-wee's Playhouse (voice/designer of Randy, Dirty Dog, Chicky Baby, many more), Beakman's World and Shining Time Station. His TV work has won him three Emmy Awards and his design work on landmark videos such as The Smashing Pumpkins 'Tonight, Tonight' and Peter Gabriel's 'Big Time' have won him a Billboard and MTV Music Video Awards.

Now he's bringing his talents to Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles where he'll be taking the crowd on a walk through his life and times as a designer, puppeteer, performer, comic book author and Southerner. The show features a hilarious narrative from Wayne along with vivid images of his work and many, many influences. Funny, music filled and inspirational...You don't want to miss this show!

Wayne White talks about making Pee-wee's Playhouse

Wayne White is a puppet

Wayne White and his banjo

Wayne White and his harmonica

Wayne White has a message

Wayne White and one of his (3) Emmys

Friday, February 11, 2011

Rory Krupp: Fluffing Reality

On view through February at the Dublin Arts Council is Rory Krupp: Fluffing Reality, a solo exhibition of contemporary watercolor paintings.

Krupp titles his artworks with short phrases such as “The sound of confidence” and “Who wants to be found.” He defines this collection as “Revolution, the sound of confidence and other excellent inventions: A compendium of words and images promoting a better way.”

Rory Krupp is an Ohio resident who currently divides his time between Columbus and Cincinnati. He has shown his artwork in galleries in the United States and Singapore and at art fairs in New York and Chicago. He was awarded an Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship in 2002 and has served as an artist in residence in Vermont and Indiana.

The exhibition will be on view Tuesdays, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Wednesday through Fridays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 2 pm.

"Music Sets Tone For Vibrant Watercolors"

Review in Columbus Dispatch by Melissa Starker ~

With his iPod providing a soundtrack, Rory Krupp conjures up playful stories in his mind that take shape as collections of controlled watercolor lines, abstract shapes and the occasional well-placed bleed.

"I think of a narrative, a type of theme, and use pieces to fill in the blanks," Krupp said. "It's not always quite linear, but it's like songs: They're not all linear."

To read full review click here.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Artist News - Robert Harms, Michael Reafsnyder, Heimir Bjorgulfsson

3 Shows not to be missed in February:

Robert Harms: paintings and watercolors @ The Drawing Room, East Hampton NY
open through March 28

In a recent review by Eric Ernst, Harms work is described as "an energetically vibrant view of nature that is nevertheless gently rhythmic in his use of calligraphic and linear components." For full review click here.

To see works by Robert Harms in the gallery visit our website - click here or call 614-291-2555.

Michael Reafsnyder: Feast @ Ameringer McEnry Yohe in NYC
open through March 5

"Rather than inviting us to talk about happiness after it has gone missing or to discuss love once it has been lost. Reafsnyder's demonstrative works bring a smile to your face before the conversation even gets going." David Pagel

For further information click here.

For available paintings and ceramics in our gallery visit our website or call 614-291-2555.

Heimir Bjorgulfsson
@ CTRL Gallery in Houston TX
opening February 25

For further information click here.

For available works in our gallery visit our website or call 614-291-2555.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Zigmund Installation & Artist News 1/21/2011

Here is a preview of the Almond Zigmund exhibition opening tonight. Despite the huge snow storm, Almond arrived on time from New York and will be here for the reception.

Join Us!
1055 North High Street & 3rd Avenue
6-8 pm.

Artist News:

Christopher X. Herren Bost has sent a new group of paintings from his new home in Joshua Tree, California. There are images of the desert and a couple abstract panels too. They are installed in the back room at the Short North Gallery.

Melissa Meyer is in an exhibition at Schroeder Romero & Shredder, which is reviewed by Roberta Smith in today's New York Times.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Almond Zigmund: Opening Friday, Jan 21, 6-8

Almond Zigmund

On view in the Rebecca Ibel Gallery in the Short North

1055 North High Street, Columbus OH 43201

Exhibition open January 21 – March 5

Opening Reception: Friday, January 21, 6-8 pm

The Rebecca Ibel Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent sculpture and works on paper by Almond Zigmund. The exhibition will begin with an opening reception on January 21, 2011 and remains open through February 26, 2011.

Zigmund draws on conceptualist and minimalist masters (such as Sol LeWitt) while infusing her work with an unmistakably contemporary and unique aesthetic.

Her sculpture and works on paper are sharp and precisely constructed. Bold color schemes, geometric shapes, and complex but cleanly-delineated patterns predominate. Zigmund often plays on and revitalizes architectural themes and intricate commercial patterns. Through her work, she explores the way we experience the space of our everyday environment, while challenging us to question and recalibrate our perceptions of the physical world around us. Zigmund applies her clean technique, fresh aesthetic, and subversive perspective to multi-media site-specific installations, sculpture, and works on paper.

Based in New York, Zigmund continues to gain national attention with numerous exhibitions on both the East Coast and West Coast, in addition to exhibiting internationally. Recent shows include the Parrish Museum of Art, Southampton NY and the University of La Verne, La Verne CA. Zigmund earned a BFA from the Parsons School of Design, before attaining an MFA from The University of Las Vegas, where she studied with Dave Hickey. The Rebecca Ibel gallery has represented Zigmund since 2005.

For further information visit us at rebeccaibel.com or call 614-291-2555. The Rebecca Ibel Gallery features fine contemporary art. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11 am – 5 pm and by appointment.

Artist website: http://www.almondzigmund.com/


Almond Zigmund

Pink Pile, 2010 Wood, acrylic and glue 66 X 36 X 36 inches

Facade Box III, 2010 Acrylic on wood 28 x 28 1/2 x 16 1/2 inches

Untitled (white), 2010 Acrylic on wood c.35 x 25 x 25 inches

Untitled V, Triple Plane (green) and Untitled VI, Triple Plane (Grey), 2010
each Acrylic and flocking on paper, stretched 20 1/2 x 15 inches

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year - artist news and exhibition dates

2011 is off and running. Mark your calendars for our forthcoming exhibition opening! Also a couple noteworthy events and artists' news.
Saturday - Jan 15- 5-7 The Drawing Room, East Hampton -
Robert Harms: paintings and watercolors

Thursday - Jan 20 -4:30 Wexner Center for the Arts - Artist Talk with Joel Morrison

Friday - Jan 21 - 6-8 pm Short North Gallery - Opening Reception
Almond Zigmund: New Sculpture and works on paper

Rory Krupp: Fluffing Realty @ Dublin Arts Council
open through February 25 - for further info click here

Krupp exhibition review in the Columbus Dispatch by Melissa Starker
click here

Rob Wynne @ Dior NYC

Artnet Magazine
Artnet Design by Brook S. Mason


Rob Wynne's work with architect Peter Marino for Christian Dior is featured in a new Artnet magazine article.

"Marino turned to the New York artist Rob Wynne, fast becoming a design-world star for his fluid mirror-glass installations, who provided works such as the dripping pink "Radiant" glass letters affixed to a mirror. The store features a total of four Wynne installations."

Jonathan Hammer in France
Exhibition of Button Ass
at the Ecole d'Art de Beauvais: