Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sarah Fairchild - The Garden

Sarah Fairchild

In her works on paper Sarah Fairchild depicts the natural world in a sharply defined, graphic style. The works are reminiscent of the famous wallpaper designs by Pre-Raphaelite artists such as William Morris, while being simultaneously infused with an unmistakably contemporary aesthetic. Employing both acrylic and flocking on paper, her works involve a complex dialogue between past and present, depth and flatness, design and painting, reality and fantasy. Meticulously interweaving flocking and acrylic paint, the works infuse common plant life with an otherworldly iridescent splendor. Brussel Sprouts, cabbage, beets, and crabgrass are transformed with nearly florescent pinks and blues, and daring use of perspective. The foreground often is occupied with plant life rendered in electric pink. These plants hover against swirling, dreamlike backgrounds that stand in contrast to the seemingly pedestrian subject matter. The works occupy depict and occupy the space between easily-defined categories. As common plants are reimagined with an explosive energy that seems to radiate from the paper like the birth of a microcosm, the works in both their construction and aesthetic lineage blur the lines between the common and uncommon.

Exhibition opens Friday, May 6, 2010, 6-8 pm

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