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Auguri, Frederick Seidel!

February 18, 2011 | by The Paris Review

James Brown, Planet (Pink and Grey) VI, 2006, oil and pencil on linen.

Frederick Seidel has received some unusual tributes in recent years. Writing in n+1, Philip Connors credited Seidel’s poetry with giving him the courage to quit his job. Wyatt Mason made a passionate case for Seidel’s Poems 1959–2009 in The New York Times Magazine—not a publication known for its attention to verse. There's been a poem dedicated to Seidel in The New Yorker. The London Review of Books has likened him to a YouTube person in a bunny suit, while fellow Paris Review staffer Dan Chiasson compared Seidel’s effusions to a garden hose. In a nice way.

Now the artist James Brown has published a collection of works on paper, canvas, cardboard, and linen inspired by Seidel’s poem “Into the Emptiness.” The volume has come to our attention just in time to celebrate the seventy-fifth birthday, tomorrow, of our most youthful editor.

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