Saturday, April 2, 2011

Artists' Reviews

Check out these wonderful reviews:

Heimir Bjorgulfsson @ CTRL Gallery in Houston:
Praising his 'kind of eccentric interplay between natural and man-made worlds'.
Descirbed as ' As formally lovely as it is endearingly strange, Björgúlfsson's highly original work inspires a multitude of narratives.'

Dan McCleary
LA Times review of show @ Craig Krull

"Panel Discussion," a monumental new painting by Dan McCleary that is the centerpiece of his show at Craig Krull Gallery, takes its title two ways. The silent reverberation between them dazzles.
McCleary's detailed powers of observation are impressive but not flashy. A general simplification of form keeps the scene from distracting fussiness, so that a clarity of vision prevails.

Michael Reafsnyder
Art News review of show @ Ameringer McEnry Yohe

Reafsnyder's paintings and ceramics are praised for the 'lovely disorder of color' and 'sense of perpetual motion', as well as, his excess and feel good approach to abstraction. 'Arguably Gerhard Richter's spirit was being channeled - and challenged - as was Jackson Pollock's.'

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