Friday, October 29, 2010

Report from Bogota

I am happy to report that ArtBo, an international art fair in Bogota, Columbia was a great adventure and success. The fair itself was fairly small and offered high quality works by mostly Latin American galleries and artists. (photos of the entrance of the fair during set up; pictures of my booth; MagnanMetz Gallery with an installation of Alejandro Almanza Pereda and Horrach Moya gallerist with a Jorge Mayet sculpture.)

The organizers of the fair were tremendous hosts and the art community came together and welcomed us with open arms. Everyday was full of visiting private collections, touring the city's museums and cultural centers, along with dinners and parties in the most fun and dynamic places. A particularly fun evening was dinner and dancing at Andres Carne de rez in Chio, which was crazy fun entertainment, dancing and delicious food. (photo of my trusted assistant Camilla on the balcony of a collector's home; dancing at Andres Carne)

The art scene is also very strong. There is a large group of fantastic young artists, some favorites include Milar Lagos, Esteban Pena, Sair Garcia. Along with the Columbians were great Mexican and Argentinian artists Alejandro Almanza Pereda and Luis Teran who were there for the fair.

Overall, I hope to go back next year and recommend it to anyone to join me.

(Security is fine if one plays by the rules and pays attention, no worries.)

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