Saturday, October 16, 2010

ArtBo 2010
I am beyond excited to participate at an art fair in Bogota Columbia!
I am taking a small selection of new works to the fair by:
Dion Johnson, Charles LaBelle, Kurt Lightner, Melissa Meyer, Laura Sanders, Billy Sullivan and Rob Wynne.

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Dion Johnson
has a new body of work which we will debut in Bogota. This new series has a catalog and fantastic essay by David Pagel. (call the gallery to order!)
Charles LaBelle will be represented with a giant compound photograph from his Sunset at Dawn series. A show of new drawings is scheduled in the gallery for early 2011.

Kurt Lightner is represented with a group of small paintings from the new 'Sinking House' series. These nature-inspired abstract paintings loosely relate to the plight of the loss of the American farm and explore the power of natural forces on man-made structures. The imagery of these destroyed structures reveal the impermanence of the perceived permanence we believe these structures possess.

A gallery exhibition of works from this series is forthcoming.

Melissa Meyer is represented with a group of watercolors from the Bogliasco series. These small works on paper convey the lyrical abstactionist qualities for which she is known.

Laura Sanders is present with 'Cloud Cover' a stunning larger painting from the figures in water series.

I was able to pick up a stunning new watercolor by Billy Sullivan on my last NYC visit. These new works show the artist supreme drawing skills and his striking colors.

Rob Wynne has created two small pieces from his 'Exhale' series, aptly titled 'Bogota' and 'Medellin' for the fair. Apart from being exceedingly portable, they are among his most celebrated glass work.

Overall, I thank these artists for helping me take exceptional work and making it as easy as possible to transport internationally. Looking forward to the adventure!

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Rebecca Ibel

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